ENEX Group offers support on Mechanical Safety Interlock

Jan. 2021

It's widely known that operations that are safe when performed correctly, can have catastrophic consequences when performed incorrectly.

Global industries tend to have a disciplined approach to design and operating practices which are governed by international standards and organisations.

Mechanical Trapped Key Safety Interlocks are devices that integrally attach to host equipment and operate on a key transfer principle. The devices are integrated with Permit-to-Work (PtW) procedures.

The main PRODUCT DESIGN principle of any Mechanical Trapped Key Safety Interlock devices should be that NO simple overriding or bypassing can be achieved once installed.

Once the SAFEST product design in the industry is chosen, the next step is to generate the Logic Sequence Procedure and Logic Schematic Drawing prior to any HAZOP taking place.

Interlock Logic Systems should be safe, simple and only ever allow one key free at any one time….which is the essence of a well-designed Interlock system.

ENEX Group Engineers specialise in Interlock Logic Sequence write-ups and Logic Schematic Drawing generation and have supplied support world-wide.

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