ENEX i-LOCK Pig Trap Closure Interlock

May. 2021

During pipeline pigging operations the greatest hazard is at the point of opening the Pig Trap Closure and NOT allowing the Pig Trap Closure to be opened at any other given time, than that set out in the Interlock Logic Sequence System.

Pig Trap Closure opening should only be accessible once the Pig Trap has had venting, purging flushing and draining procedure steps carried out, all critical isolation valves moved to their correct alignment and complete de-pressurisation of Pig Trap system is finally confirmed.

Pipeline Pigging can be one of the most-risky, hazardous and unpredictable operations carried out in the work place, with scope for injury and/or damage when high temperature, high pressure or toxic/flammable product is present.

ENEX i-LOCK Pig Trap Closure Interlock – Model : H-PCiL-S, along with all the ENEX i-LOCK product range, are the most robust, reliable and SAFEST product design on the market…!

You can view the i-LOCK range here.

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