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You are now been introduced to the most advanced, quality manufactured and best in class Trapped Key Safety Interlock design of the modern era. Packed with built-in safety features as standard that are second to none, by utilising the ENEX i-LOCK you can be guaranteed that your facility has raised the safety protection levels required of todays industries.

Want to hear more ... please read on or simply get in touch and one of our engineering experts will have pleasure in discussing your requirements along with our products and design features in more details.

ENEX Group is an innovative and forward-thinking company providing Safety System Solutions, designs and products that protect your employees, colleagues, the assets and the environment like no other Mechanical Safety Interlock manufacture in the industry.

Our products, which are designed, engineered and manufactured in the UK, are created with a meticulous focus on quality, reliability and most importantly SAFETY, and are supported by a dedicated global site service team.


System Design & Upgrade

ENEX Group system design or upgrade is created to meet the operational safety requirements of each individual application.

Mechanical Safety Interlocks

Trapped key interlocking is a method of ensuring safety in industrial environments by forcing the operator through a predetermined sequence using a defined selection of keys, locks and switches.

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Portable Valve Operating Device

Is a portable valve actuator that effortlessly opens and closes valves in oil refineries, chemical and power plants, water and wastewater facilities and paper mills. The tool is especially effective on valves that require a high number of turns or are otherwise difficult to operate because of high torque or where adverse climates (sub-zero, tropical, dessert environments) make operations more challenging.

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Remote Valve Operating Device

Is a versatile product consisting of two stations, joined by a linear closed link drive chain, which enables valves and other wheel operated devices in remote, hard-to-reach or hazardous locations to be operated with ease from a conveniently located hand wheel.

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Partial Stroke Test Device

Partial Stroke Test (PST) is a technique used in a control system to allow the user to test a percentage of the possible failure modes of a shut down valve without the need to physically close the valve.

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Valve Position Monitoring Device

Valve Position Monitoring (VPM) offer an integrated solution for monitoring manual multi-turn valves such as Gate, Globe and Gear Box operated valves in process industry applications.

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Maintenance & Repair

Our repair team is at your disposal, they can check and repair your equipment quickly and economically.