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Any new Interlock Logic Schematic and Logic Sequence system design or system upgrade, in terms of Mechanical Trapped Key Engineering, is important in the safety system development process, as it applies a systematic and rigorous approach to designing a system which fulfils all the necessary practical aspects of security, quality, reliability, efficiency, simplicity and system safety.

ENEX Group approaches each Mechanical Trapped Key systems design process by understanding and defining our client’s requirements, their current operating procedures, host equipment modules to be interfaced, equipment location and the system’s operating frequency. ENEX Group applies each new system design and existing system upgrade as the application of systems theory to personnel and asset safety development.

Each ENEX Group system design or upgrade is created to meet the operational safety requirements of each individual application. The whole process of System Design orc Upgrade development, from blueprint to the actual product, involves considering all the relevant factors and taking the existing specifications and creating a safety system based on strong technical, analytical and development skills of ENEX Group’s professionals. They are not only intended to solve the existing problems, but to also provide solutions to any problems that may arise in the future.

The final phase to each System Design and System Upgrade is to specify and assign a product to each individual step process throughout the entire operating procedure. The main objective of this phase is to guarantee that each selected product adheres to the common rules for Mechanical Trapped Key Safety Interlocks design and manufacture which is set out in the ISO 14119: 2013 (second edition 2013) procedure, which you can read here.

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