about us

Who We Are

At ENEX Group, we design, engineer, develop, manufacture and supply Mechanical Safety Interlocks and Process Safety Systems.

We couple this with site services supplied as a worldwide field service response to all our customers, for all types of requirements, with the main objective of protecting health, safety, environment, people, systems, processes and resources, while maintaining integrity over the whole asset lifecycle.

ENEX Group has three primary product ranges, the ‘International Patent Pending’ ENEX i-LOCK (Mechanical Trapped Key Safety Interlocks), the ENEX i-LINK (Remote ‘Valve Operating’ Drive) and the ENEX i-TORK (Portable ‘Valve Operating’ Drive). All three product ranges cover both heavy and light industries throughout the world.


Our Story

ENEX Group of Yesterday

At the time of our humble beginnings, in 2001, we looked around and could not find a suitable Mechanical Trapped Key Safety Interlock that met our safety expectations, so we decided to design and manufacture our own; the ‘Patent Pending’ ENEX i-LOCK product range.

We launched the ENEX Group, with the name standing for “engineering excellence”, to be at the forefront of innovation, quality, performance, reliability and most of all safety in the Mechanical Trapped Key Safety Interlock and Process Safety System Industry.

ENEX Group of Today

Today, ENEX Group is fuelled by the motivation to enhance the safety culture throughout our specialist industry in the areas of product design and operating safety awareness. We are a safety driven provider of design, engineering, manufacturing and global site services in our specialist industry.

Our main objective is to become a lifetime business partner to all our customers by helping them to protect their colleagues, employees, assets and the environment.

ENEX Group worldwide headquarters is based in the North East of England (UK), where all design, engineering, manufacturing, assembly, inspection and testing is carried out. We are therefore proud to state our products are 100% UK manufactured. This enables us to produce one of the safest, most reliable and quality manufactured products of the modern era.

ENEX Group of Tomorrow

ENEX Group is continually building an international distributor/agency network to provide ‘global local supply’ with each distributing/agency partner taking great pride in offering the three ENEX Group branded safety products.