Survey & Inspection

Survey Inspection

We have extensive global experience of Mechanical Safety Interlocks and Process Safety System Surveys & Inspections.


ENEX Group offers two types of surveys:
  • Upon hardware order placement, we can carry out (if required) a Detailed Engineering Dimensional Survey of host equipment modules prior to Mechanical Interlock Engineering Design Commencement.
  • For existing Mechanical Safety Interlock equipment, our extensive asset surveys provide you with the big picture. We recommend measures, based on the survey results, to resolve any defects. We tailor the survey work scope to your requirements and if operational procedures permit we will include the following on our detailed Engineering Survey report:
  • Visual Survey including identification and procedural sequence coding
  • Individual equipment function and operational testing
  • Full operating procedure system run through against current written procedures


We offer periodic inspection services that assess your Mechanical Safety Interlock equipment systems and manage risk. These inspections ensure that your equipment and systems are maintained to the required security and safety levels. Only when you have confidence that your equipment is safe and meets such security levels can you focus on your core business.

Our Site Engineers have spent many years surveying and inspecting Mechanical Safety Interlocking Systems; they know where to look and what to look for beyond the obvious. They can identify potential safety issues so that they can be addressed before becoming a critical concern.

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