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ENEX i-LOCK Pig Trap Closure Interlock

During pipeline pigging operations the greatest hazard is at the point of opening the Pig Trap Closure...

News | 6 May 2021

ENEX Group offers support on Mechanical Safety Interlock

If you are looking for support on Mechanical Safety Interlock...

News | 5 Jan 2021

USA Patent Granted

ENEX i-LOCK safety product range has received US Patent...

News | 6 Aug 2020

The new era of Mechanical Trapped Key SAFETY Interlocks

Increase your facilities safety levels and eliminate operational procedure risk...

News | 5 May 2020

BIG WIN...DUQM Refinery!

ENEX Group wins contract for ENEX i-LOCK – Mechanical Safety Interlock product range on $6 billon Duqm Refinery project.

News | 8 Apr 2020