Portable ‘Valve Operator’ Hydraulic Drive

Product Model: H-PVOiT-H

ENEX i-TORK Series H-PVOD is the heavy industries Portable Valve Operating Safety Device. It is suitable for operating any multi turn equipment such as gear boxes, gate and globe valves that have either many open/close turns or tight to operate. The PVOD reduces valve operation times by up to 85% and improves operator safety by eliminating operator fatigue and risk of injury.

PVOD is designed to be utilised safely with or without the ENEX i-LOCK Interlock product range. If utilised with the ENEX i-LOCK Interlock range the unit is adapted to only allow the PVOD to be engaged if both operating keys are inserted, thus preventing any misuse or damaged to both pieces of safety equipment.

The PVOD is also designed to operate banks of valves using a single torque tool and by one-single operator, reducing the need to mobilise a team of operators. The PVOD package is supplied with bespoke designed and manufactured Torque Reaction Devices for the host equipment which completely eliminates kick back reaction on the operator.

PVOD Torque Tool product range options:

  • Pneumatic Torque Tool – Digital (torque-adjustable pneumatic multiplier with a digital readout and FRL-free operation)
  • Pneumatic Torque Tool – Single or Dual Speed
  • Electric (Battery) Torque Tool – Single or Dual Speed
  • Electric (110v or 240v) Torque Tool

  • PSV (Pressure Safety Valve) Systems
  • Pig Trap Loading / Unloading Systems
  • Valve Isolation Requirements
  • Transfer Flow Line Systems

  • Chemical
  • Marine
  • Mining
  • Mineral & Cement
  • Oil & Gas
  • Petrochemical
  • Power Generation
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Refining
  • Water & Utilities

  • EN ISO 12100-1:2011
  • EN ISO 12100-2:2011
  • EN ISO 14121-1:2007
  • EN ISO 11148-6:2012
  • EN ISO 4414:2010
  • EN 61310-2:2008
  • EN 61310-3:2008
  • ISO 3744:2011

MODEL Features for PVOD


The PVOD has Single Speed & Dual Speed Torque Tools options which provide continuous power with no kickback, designed with precision gearing and a simple reaction fixture to give maximum power without the noise and vibration.


For maximum valve operation, all break out, run and re-seat torques need to have an even and accurate load. Both single and dual speed tools provide adjustable and repeatable torque to ensure controlled and accurate repeatability.


The PVOD Dual Speed Tool is the only multiplier that provides flexibility for valve run, re-seat and breakout torques. A simple twist of the collar switches the tool from high speed valve run torque mode into the max power mode to allow correct selection of output per valve.


These robust torque tools eliminate the need for multiple valve actuator systems making it more cost effective. The PVOD Dual Speed Tool makes the job simpler by giving operators one easy system with the quickest results.


Both tools are built using aerospace materials for lightweight design with maximum durability. The comfort grip coupled with low noise and love vibration ensures the operator is comfortable through the valve operating cycle.


The Off-Set drive is the obvious choice for rising stem gate valves. The powerful off-set extension system delivers the desired torque to the gate valve yoke drive without compromise to power or durability. With industry-leading repeatability and intuitive design, valve operation is always assured.

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HHeavy Industry
PVODPortable Valve Operating Device
PPneumatic Tool
HHydraulic Tool
BBattery Driven Tool
SSingle Speed
DDual Speed
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 Standard if un-coded
XSpecial Build