Remote 'Valve Operator' Chain Drive

Product Model: H-RVOcD

ENEX i-LINK Series H-RVOD is the industries ‘Remote Valve Operating Drive’ product range. The RVOD system is utilised for hard-to-reach valves and those located in inaccessible or hazardous location. The system is highly reliable, simplified, maintenance free and a cost-effective solution to valve actuation problems. The RVOD is designed to eliminate the problems associated with the conventional and costly methods of operating valves remotely. Designed with minimum number of parts all of which increase reliability. There are two options of operation depending on routing requirements 1) using the conventional closed linked chain loop system for short down-up routing and 2) Helix drive for more complex routing systems.

Both options are driven by cogs installed in the drive unit housings located at each end of the system. The rotary motion from the remote operator drive unit (installed at a safe operating location) is transmitted through the closed linked chain loop or Helix cable to the drive unit on the host equipment (installed at inaccessible or hazardous location). When this occurs the drive units at each end of the system converts the rotary motion to a linear movement of the closed link chain loop.

The rotary motion at the drive unit installed at the inaccessible or hazardous location is transmitted through the output shaft to the host equipment coupling.

While both drive unit stations and valve couplings are similar to those available with the reach rod and flexible shafting system, the RVOD system components have been manufactured using materials that offer superior corrosion resistance.

Both the closed link chain and helix cable is protected from the environment by a conduit that is both flexible and durable.

The system is available with handwheel driven remote operators for rising stem, non-rising stem and rising handwheel valve couplings can be supplied with or without quick disconnects. Bespoke designed valve couplings are also available to meet specific application requirements.

Cost savings in addition to providing increased reliability, RVOD yields significant cost savings when compared to reach rod and flexible shafting applications.

  • Height & access systems
  • Confined space entry systems
  • Wall, floor and bulk head systems
  • Tank storage bund area systems

  • Practically any industry where valves are installed in inaccessible or hazardous locations would benefit from the ENEX i-LINK - RVOD System
  • ENEX Group can design, install and commission to meet strict safety guidelines and regulatory body requirements

ItemPart DescriptionMaterial
1BodyStainless Steel AISI 316L
2Top & Bottom BearingsNylon
3Main Drive UnitStainless Steel AISI 304L
4Internal MechanismStainless Steel AISI 304L
5Body Securing Bolts & FastenersStainless Steel A2 Class 70
6Hand WheelStainless Steel AISI 316L
7Anchor & Adaptor (bespoke design to suit host equipment, not shown)Stainless Steel AISI 316L
8Name Plate, Lock Portion and Key TagsTraffolyte

Model No.Height

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
HHeavy Industry
RVODRemove Valve Operating Device
CChain Drive
HHelix Drive
 Standard if un-coded
XSpecial Build